Private Sector Jobs

First; Free up Money for entrepreneurs.
Second; Lower Taxes
Third; Build nucular and solar energy

1. Free up money for The Small Business Administration to loan to entrepreneurs and small business persons to help grow the economy, create new jobs and increase the tax base. The recovery act funds more SBA office workers but offers little funding to help the folks. Interestingly, in late October Obama finally announced they will look into changing the regulations for the SBA.

2. The second way to increase jobs is to lower taxes so that the people and entrepreneurs have more money to invest in their own future as well as to purchase the goods and services provided by others.
Keeping the Capital Gains tax low promotes private investment by those with money in the growth of both large and small business. When you purchase stocks and bonds or loan directly to a business, you provide business the money it needs to grow and build more manufacturing plants, do research, and expand distribution. All of this creates jobs _ not like government jobs employing more people who are now dependent upon your tax dollars for their livelihood. Both John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan used these models of tax reduction, which resulted in dramatic increases in government tax revenue due to economic growth. The problem was that with the increase in revenue Congress could not resist spending it for new earmarks and government programs rather than paying down the debt or giving it back to the people.
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