I believe, as our founding fathers did, that the purpose of the government is to protect our freedom and liberty from the tyranny of the majority as well as from the tyranny of the government. That incumbent with this premise is allowing us the freedom to succeed as well as the freedom to fail.  Redistributive change assumes there are limits to our ability to grow and achieve.  “Spreading the wealth around” achieves no long term results. Both the receiver of the wealth and the taking away of it from those who earned it, lose their incentive to seek a better life.  As a moral society our obligation is to insure opportunity, not to guarantee results.

The federal government was directed to:

Provide for the common defense (army, navy etc.).
Regulate interstate commerce (not run or own G.M.)
Promote the general welfare (to promote means to encourage).
The classic example of promoting would be the idea of teaching a man to fish rather than giving him fish for the rest of his life.

Now lets look at how this can apply to my goals.
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