On the Arizona Bill

It is best to begin with the facts. So here is your chance.
To read the text of the bill 
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Now you are ahead of Eric Holder, Janet Napolitano, my Congressman Xavier Becerra and Mexican President Calderon.

Before targeting Arizona, understand that it closely follows Federal and California State Law.
In fact the finalized version specifically prohibits racial profiling, which the Federal Law does not.
Was it wise at this time. No. However the cross border crime is rampant and they were desperate.
For example Phoenix has the second highest kidnapping rate in the world.

President Obama and President Bush have failed in their duties to be the chief law enforcement officers and enforce existing laws which would have protected the people of Arizona from what is primarily cross border drug related crime.
Granted the problem is large, but look at what has happened in San Diego where the fence was built. Crime has greatly gone down. Thousands of Mexican Nationals still cross the border legally every day to work in San Diego.

President Calderon of Mexico before a joint session of Congress stated that the Arizona law directs law enforcement to racially profile.

If you are stopped for racial reasons, those responsible can and will be sued and prosecuted.

Nearly one half of this bill is directed against employers.

Listen to the comments vs. the promise of the Governor of Arizona.
Whom do you think read the bill?

In conclusion:

We do need reform.
Whatever form that ends up taking, we first need to secure our borders and enforce our National sovereignty.

President Reagan passed total amnesty without securing our borders and the problem continued.