Local Choice and Control

Here is where I will be a danger to progressive thought.


I would like education funding  to be provided by the issuance of “Scholarships” to be spent at the school of the parents or students choosing. This will encourage competition for the educational dollar and parental involvement in their children’s educational choices.
Some may call this vouchers. Congress had voted vouchers for D.C. and Obama cancelled the program, much to the anger of the parents. History has shown that these types of Scholarships work.


New low and no carbon electrical generation plants featuring nuclear, solar and scrubbed coal to be funded with 1/2 Federal incentives, all decisions regarding location, construction and operation, with the exception for safety guidelines to be decided by city and state regulations.  After inception of operations the federal government to be paid back from a small surcharge on the consumers of the electricity.

Health Care

Cancel Medicare, Medicaid etc. Provide vouchers to those we have promised to help and  to those who by reason of disability or poverty cannot purchase their own health care.  These voucher can only be used to purchase health insurance from the private sector.
Pass legislation regarding portability, pre-existing conditions, tort reform and cross state line sales on health care.  With this move we will eliminate all of the fraud and bureaucratic waste and still provide care for the under employed at a greatly reduced cost.