Listen to You

Listen to You!

I learned in retail sales that it is most important to listen and ask questions of customers in order to determine and fulfill their needs. From of our experience of watching and going to town hall meetings this summer it is clear our representatives have forgotten this simple principle. It seems that they believe that their job is to sell and dictate to you their party agenda. It appears that they believe that the people are too stupid to understand the bills and the benefits they have for them. I promise that in any town hall meetings I have, I will first listen to the people, make sure I understand your concerns and work to take those ideas into account in my votes and addressing the problems of our community. I will always try to incorporate your needs and ideas within the framework of using the principles of our founding fathers, expressed in the Constitution. I will always ask myself, how can I meet these needs and be consistent with the concepts of liberty and freedom from tyranny.

Just for fun as part of this campaign look for me in our community. I will have a video camera and will be talking to you. I will post those who agree and disagree with me. If you wish to be interviewed, email me and we will see if we can work it out. To small business, yes I will encourage you to put in a good word for your enterprise.

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