Financial Responsibility 2

So where do we begin?

First, good and accurate accounting so we may at least understand what is happening. In this case I agree with Ron Paul and seek a complete audit of the fed. Too much money has been doled out via tarp and the recovery act and we cannot see where it has gone.

Second, we must go past just a balanced budget. Any budget must also pay down the debt and not just service the interest. This needs to rise to the level of a Constitutional Amendment. That certainly would be in the spirit of the writings of our founding fathers.

Third, I agree with California U.S. Senate candidate Chuck Devore, all bills must be examined by Congress and determine if they are meeting the needs they were designed to serve. If not, they must be canceled. I would further suggest that every spending bill must have a sunset clause with the exception of the military as defined by the Constitution.

We are on the verge of economic disaster. The outrageous spending must be stopped. See the debt clock.

No More Earmarks!!! End the Porkulus!!!
End the corruption!!!

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