Facinating Informative Links

For Inspiration and good information, check out these links.

Great Philosophy!
Dennis Praeger “The American Trinity”
Thomas Sowell – The Vision of the Anointed
Chuck Devore for U.S. Senate, Stop Boxer here!
Florida  Canidate Lt.  Colonel Allen West (Wow!)  click here

Good Information
Map of the 31st district,
click here
View our NATIONAL DEBT and watch it grow! click here
Cato Institute – comparing international health care
Seven Lies in Seven Minuets click here
CNN  on Amnesty     click here
Health and Human Services Report
“Cost of healthcare will go up” AP Report
Republican National Hispanic Assembly   Aqui!

Fun and Interesting
Lloyd Marcus singing “2010” click here
Big Hollywood on “V” click here
Susan in Glendale on Healthcare click here

“Make Mine Freedom” 1948 cartoon 

Tom McClintock
A desire for E Plurbus Unum