Local Choice and Control

Here is where I will be a danger to progressive thought.


I would like education funding  to be provided by the issuance of “Scholarships” to be spent at the school of the parents or students choosing. This will encourage competition for the educational dollar and parental involvement in their children’s educational choices.
Some may call this vouchers. Congress had voted vouchers for D.C. and Obama cancelled the program, much to the anger of the parents. History has shown that these types of Scholarships work.


New low and no carbon electrical generation plants featuring nuclear, solar and scrubbed coal to be funded with 1/2 Federal incentives, all decisions regarding location, construction and operation, with the exception for safety guidelines to be decided by city and state regulations.  After inception of operations the federal government to be paid back from a small surcharge on the consumers of the electricity.

Health Care

Cancel Medicare, Medicaid etc. Provide vouchers to those we have promised to help and  to those who by reason of disability or poverty cannot purchase their own health care.  These voucher can only be used to purchase health insurance from the private sector.
Pass legislation regarding portability, pre-existing conditions, tort reform and cross state line sales on health care.  With this move we will eliminate all of the fraud and bureaucratic waste and still provide care for the under employed at a greatly reduced cost.

Financial Responsibility 2

So where do we begin?

First, good and accurate accounting so we may at least understand what is happening. In this case I agree with Ron Paul and seek a complete audit of the fed. Too much money has been doled out via tarp and the recovery act and we cannot see where it has gone.

Second, we must go past just a balanced budget. Any budget must also pay down the debt and not just service the interest. This needs to rise to the level of a Constitutional Amendment. That certainly would be in the spirit of the writings of our founding fathers.

Third, I agree with California U.S. Senate candidate Chuck Devore, all bills must be examined by Congress and determine if they are meeting the needs they were designed to serve. If not, they must be canceled. I would further suggest that every spending bill must have a sunset clause with the exception of the military as defined by the Constitution.

We are on the verge of economic disaster. The outrageous spending must be stopped. See the debt clock.

No More Earmarks!!! End the Porkulus!!!
End the corruption!!!

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Financial Responsibility

Financial Responsibility

This issue has become incredibly overwhelming. The complete denial of fiduciary responsibility in seeking  the establishment all of the new programs by the current administration, I cannot begin to understand. Without a strong economy and a productive and profitable private sector there will be no capital to be able to provide the services and programs they say they are seeking.

Listen Washington!  There is not enough of our tax dollars coming into government to pay for all of your programs including Tarp, Cap & Trade, Recovery Act and Single Payer Health-care!

Listen Citizens! There is no free lunch. One way or another you will pay for all of these programs. All costs get passed on to you either by direct taxes on you or by increased costs put on providers and then passed on to you through higher prices.

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Listen to You

Listen to You!

I learned in retail sales that it is most important to listen and ask questions of customers in order to determine and fulfill their needs. From of our experience of watching and going to town hall meetings this summer it is clear our representatives have forgotten this simple principle. It seems that they believe that their job is to sell and dictate to you their party agenda. It appears that they believe that the people are too stupid to understand the bills and the benefits they have for them. I promise that in any town hall meetings I have, I will first listen to the people, make sure I understand your concerns and work to take those ideas into account in my votes and addressing the problems of our community. I will always try to incorporate your needs and ideas within the framework of using the principles of our founding fathers, expressed in the Constitution. I will always ask myself, how can I meet these needs and be consistent with the concepts of liberty and freedom from tyranny.

Just for fun as part of this campaign look for me in our community. I will have a video camera and will be talking to you. I will post those who agree and disagree with me. If you wish to be interviewed, email me and we will see if we can work it out. To small business, yes I will encourage you to put in a good word for your enterprise.

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Private Sector Jobs

First; Free up Money for entrepreneurs.
Second; Lower Taxes
Third; Build nucular and solar energy

1. Free up money for The Small Business Administration to loan to entrepreneurs and small business persons to help grow the economy, create new jobs and increase the tax base. The recovery act funds more SBA office workers but offers little funding to help the folks. Interestingly, in late October Obama finally announced they will look into changing the regulations for the SBA.

2. The second way to increase jobs is to lower taxes so that the people and entrepreneurs have more money to invest in their own future as well as to purchase the goods and services provided by others.
Keeping the Capital Gains tax low promotes private investment by those with money in the growth of both large and small business. When you purchase stocks and bonds or loan directly to a business, you provide business the money it needs to grow and build more manufacturing plants, do research, and expand distribution. All of this creates jobs _ not like government jobs employing more people who are now dependent upon your tax dollars for their livelihood. Both John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan used these models of tax reduction, which resulted in dramatic increases in government tax revenue due to economic growth. The problem was that with the increase in revenue Congress could not resist spending it for new earmarks and government programs rather than paying down the debt or giving it back to the people.
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Mr. Smith goes to Washington 2018 for District 31 says “What do you think?”

Welcome to my new blog. I am seeking the nomination from the Republican Party to run against Xavier Becerra in Congressional District 31, Los Angeles.

Until recently I have been a decline to state.  I have become very frustrated with the incredible lack of fiscal responsibilityby this current administration and past administrations. Most importantly I mourn the loss of Liberty we are experiencing by the recent power grabs by the Obama administration and fully supported by the Democratic Congress.  I seek solutions to the problems of the day using the principles established by our founding fathers in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. These principles include the protection of the life, liberty, property (a free market and the building personal wealth)  and the pursuit of happiness, from the tyranny of the government as well as tyranny of the majority. Our founding fathers believed that these unalienable rights were granted to us by the Creator and thus were not to be changed. They took into account that as times and needs changed that amendments could be added to the Constitution but the basic principles should never be changed.  The federal government was directed to provide for the common defense (the military) , regulate interstate commerce (not own G.M. or AIG) and promote the general welfare (promote means to encourage not force or provide).

We are involved in a great philosophical battle between the secular humanist, progressive and yes even Marxist ideals versus the dream of individual liberty which was so loved by people such as Jefferson, Washington and Madison.  The progressives and Marxist believe that we have become so smart and advanced that a small group of the best and brightest know better what is best for you than you do and that the experts should make most life decisions for you. Further Americans such as President Obama believe that the Constitution is a flawed document which does not define what the government can do especially in terms of wealth redistribution and thus should be constantly reinterpreted by those who are currently in power. Look at the new health care bill which has experts and committees appointed by the President who will dictate to parents how to raise their children, and exactly what standards and practices should be for receiving any specific medical treatment. These take away your choice in both and removes your doctor from the latter. Xavier Becerra’s voting record has always been consistent with more spending,less individual liberty and more federal control of lives all in the name of  ”I know what is best for you” , I am just being fair and for you its free, the rich and those evil people who make profit will pay for it.  He would actually say “Someone has to pay for it.”

I want you to be given the opportunity to succeed, to grow in liberty and property so you may better provide for yourself and through  charitable giving others. Our duty as a responsible people is to give the people the tools they need in order to provide for themselves. More trade schools and teaching of marketable skills.  The great benefits our society has achieved in the past has come from a free market of ideas and products, not under government direction. Big government creates more and more dependency and discourages growth.

With that in mind I would like to see the basic issues of the day to be approached with limited government and free market in mind.

Quick ideas.

Health Care.  Cancel Medicare, Medicade etc. Regulate the health insurance industry by providing cross state purchase of insurance. Guarantee coverage for pre-existing conditions and portability. Tort reform.  This could be affordable if each provider only had one universal pool. Then for all who we have promised to aid in health care (those on Medicare etc) and the underemployed simply provide vouchers to purchase health insurance. This would eliminate billions of dollars in fraud in the current government programs and eliminate a huge and costly bureaucracy. The total cost savings would be enormous and everyone who wish to be covered could be.

Global Warming and Cap and Trade. Just build the new power plants both solar and nuclear. Do not punish and tax. Let these plant be built to local rules and standards except for safety. No directed ethnic or special hiring, feds stay out. 1/2 of the cost to be provided to the local city utilities to be paid back in a usage surcharge once operational.

Well thats it for now. I hope I have provoked some thought.

Stephen Smith for Congress 2018